Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Wordless Wednesday 9/1/2010

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This week’s theme for the Foto Finish Challenge is tolerance. This is my take, an osprey in the channel leading to Sparrows Point on a recent visit to Maryland. He was very tolerant of us using his hunting grounds as we boated up and down the area enjoying the day. Wildlife has to be tolerant I guess.

Foto Finish

Friday, August 27, 2010

Goodbye Fireweed Theater

No more movies here. They're making room for an office building.

At one time there was a drive-in movie here and another theater building. The old gal couldn't compete with the new big ones.
Thanks for the good times!
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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Ut Oh!

They call her trouble!
OK, not really. Just joking around with my friend Britt.
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Friday, August 13, 2010

It's been a rough summer

We've been getting the rain and cool temperatures most of the summer that the rest of the country hasn't been getting. So, the forest fire danger has been low and everything is green, but it has put a damper on a lot of outdoor activity.

Also, with the three major aircraft accidents in the past few months with the loss of some awesome Alaskans, it's time for some cheerful and colorful post.

Well, it was cloudy, but the kites were out. Have a good weekend everyone.
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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Goodbye Uncle Ted. Thanks for everything you've done for us.

I came to Alaska in 1985 with the Air Force. I quickly fell in love with the state and became a citizen. I have voted in every election and everyone that Ted Stevens was in, I voted for him. In my mind and many others, there is not one person who has done so much for the people of Alaska.

I've written about Uncle Ted before. He's helped me out personally, and I never forgot it. There are many Alaskans with similar stories. He got a bad rap a few years back and was convicted of 7 felony counts of ethics violations.

Uncle Ted, a 40-year incumbent known for delivering billions of dollars of federal money and projects to Alaska, was met in an airplane hangar in Anchorage two days after his conviction with chants of “We need Ted.”

After narrowly loosing reelection, his conviction was overturned. In a stunning development, Justice Department lawyers told a federal court that they had discovered a new instance of prosecutorial misconduct in the case and asked that the convictions be voided. There would be no new trial in the case.

There is still construction going on today that was started by money gotten by Uncle Ted while he was in office.

I can go on and on. He has always cared about the people of Alaska, and the American Veteran. Uncle Ted's death is not only a tragedy for Alaska but for all of America. From World War II Hero to a hero at home. He will be missed.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Lots of fishing going on

One morning after a light rain, I was taking a break when I noticed others doing what I should have been doing.

This lake had an issue with Northern Pike, an invasive species to this lake. ADF&G killed off the pike and restocked with Rainbow Trout.
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