Sunday, September 26, 2010

Fall / Winter

We got our first snow fall of the season today. It melted as soon as it touched ground. The warmest I think it got was +41°. The leaves changed really fast this year compared to the last couple of years.

The ducks are still hanging on though. I wasn't ready for today. The cold weather made me think about flying south. I don't know what they're waiting on.
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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Fall colors

Fall is going fast this year. The last couple of years we got to enjoy long fall colors. This year the leaves are pretty much spent already.

It was good to get away for a few today. Sometimes it seems that time flies by.

We only had a short break so we stayed near to the old stomping grounds.

The weather was nice but a little breezy.
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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Remebering Yukla 27

It was 15 years ago today, September 22nd, that an AWACS plane carrying U.S. and Canadian military personnel crashed after takeoff from Elmendorf Air Force Base, killing all 24 people aboard.

Their aircraft call sign was Yukla 27. Yukla is a Tanaina Indian name for "Eagle". On 22 September 1995, Yukla 27 began rolling down runway 05 at 0746 Alaska Standard Time. The E-3B did not fly far after take off, remaining airborne only 42 seconds. Losing most port (left) wing thrust, Yukla 27 banked into an inescapable crisis, reaching an altitude of no more than 270 feet, and disappeared into the timbered hills 3,500 feet Northeast of the runway at precisely 0747:12. Having wrestled the E-3 to the edge of the laws of physics well below stall speed, pilot Capt Glenn "Skip" Rogers' last transmission was "We're goin' in, we're going down."

Each chose to answer the highest calling of citizenship by risking his personal safety in defense of his country. There is no more selfless act. All who die in the line of duty do so that others might live in peace and prosperity. It is a profound sacrifice and a priceless gift. The tragic accident which claimed Yukla 27 transformed its 24 man crew into the stuff of legend. They were 24 of the best. The day of their loss will be forever marked into history and my memory.

The investigation into the accident revealed that geese, being sucked into the jet's engines, caused the crash.

I knew most of the crew of Yukla 27. I was the crew chief of the aircraft it replaced after I retired. Funny thing is that I knew most of the crew from the time spent deployed to Panama, not our time in Alaska. Aircraft Commander, Capt. Skip Rodgers was a real professional. TSgt Bart L. Holmes was the flight engineer, and one of the best. These two I worked with the most, the rest I saw in the halls at work, at squadron picnics, etc. They were the best of the best and won't be forgotten

Friday, September 17, 2010

Mr. Moose

This guy was hiding out in Kincaid Park the other day. Moose season was open then.
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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Visiting family

Mom is surrounded by all of her babies. Going clockwise. you have me, my brother Charlie the oldest, my sister Diane the hostest with the mostest and Larry. Remove the bead and everyone says Larry and I look alike. He is a handsome devil.

My nieces and nephews. Were' missing Mike because he had to work.

And all of the young ones! I think Mom (Nana) had a good time!
I'm back in Anchorage.
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Friday, September 3, 2010

Birdwatching in my sister's backyard

My sister Diane got interested in birds when I got interested in volunteering at Bird TLC several years ago. I believe she spends more on wild bird seed than I can imagine. I was over there when I first arrived in town and was amazed at the visitors she had at here place.

So I asked to come over before dark to see what kind of photo's I could take. Unfortunately they were a little shy at first and then it started getting too dark. I'm not familiar with the specific types of birds in this area, but she had quite a few.

Maybe we'll get another chance before I head back home. We'll see.

Thanks to her husband Mike for letting me take his gardening partner away for a bit.
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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Visiting Family

I've escaped the often raining and cool low 50ish weather to visit family in Maryland. It's been sunny every day with the temperatures varying from 93° to 97° during the afternoon. I'm melting. I'm surprised that they haven't asked me to head back to Alaska because I've been wearing shorts every day.

I've been doing some photography and will share more when I get back home. My AT&T USB deal is slower than I expected and the signal is undependable. I might be asking for my money back when I get back.

I haven't lived here since the seventies, so I'm a tourist when I visit. My sister Diane has been a great tour guide. I've also got to check out some awesome restaurants.
Above is the WWII Memorial that over looks Annapolis. It's very impressive. They explain the different battle theaters and a lot of the units involved. They also include all branches of the service.
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