Thursday, November 27, 2014

Remembering Big George at Thanksgiving

 I bought this solid brass cuspidor (spittoon) for my dad, Big George in 1973. He would keep some spare change in it. At most family get togethers, a penny, nickel, dime poker game would break out. Big George loved to play cards. 500 rummy was his favorite. Anyways, Big George would get the cuspidor out. He generally was the banker too because he had the most change. I inherited the cuspidor back when dad passed away. We never play cards like that anymore, but I think back and smile about the good times with Big George, my brothers Charlie and Larry. my brother-in-law Mike and myself.
 My grandkids came over for Thanksgiving today. Chloe remembered the change that I keep in the cuspidor. She likes getting her hands full of change and putting it on the couch or chair and then goes back for more. She has no real concept on what all the change is, she just likes getting her hands full of change.
Older brother Tripp saw what she was doing and had to get in on the action. This went on for most of their visit. All I could do was smile, because I knew dad was looking down and smiling. Unfortunately he passed away never meeting Nick's wife or any of his kids, but he knows and I know he's smiling.
I miss you Big George! I hope we all get to play cards again some day.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Sunday, November 23, 2014

A well traveled church in Fairbanks, Alaska

Just a quick post. I have a lot of photos to process from my weekend trip to Fairbanks. This is Immaculate Conception Church in Fairbanks. If you want to read an interesting history on a historic landmark, you have to read this one. Here's a link to their website. Check it out.
More to come..... 

Friday, November 14, 2014

Saturday, November 8, 2014

I should listen to my dog more

So this past week I was extremely busy at work. Too many hours, to much stuff and not enough down time at home. I didn't even post last week.
 Macy told me I wasn't paying enough attention to her. She got up on the kitchen counter while I was at work and ate a whole bag of Greenies. She only acts up when I'm not home enough. It's not that she wasn't getting her treats anyways. Just not enough walks and play time.
 So, I took Friday off to run errands. She went with me every where's except to the Audubon Alaska open house. She waited in the truck while I went into Stewarts Photo and bought the new Canon 7D Mark II. 
 Then we went out today to play and see if I could figure out my new toy. I have the Canon 7D, but the new 7D Mark II is  a lot different. So far I like it, but I have a lot to get use to. I need to get it together before dog mushing season. No problem, just have to go play more.
 So, listen to Macy. Less work, more toys and more play.
Thanks to Dr. Karen Higgs for the title. We had a conversation on the phone and it always turns to our dogs. She's the one that told me that we need to listen to our dogs more. She's a pretty smart gal, but don't tell her I said so.