Sunday, January 25, 2015

No lack of winter now

 I've been complaining about the lack of snow and cold temperatures since Christmas. Last week I went out of state on business and came back home to winter. When Macy and I went down to the Port of Anchorage to take these it was 0°f.
Later in the night I took Macy out before it was bedtime and it was -9°f. Macy had to wear her booties and coat. The snow we got wasn't much, maybe 5 or 6 inches. We can use more for sure.
These two photos do make you feel cold though.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Heavy Frost and a Moose

 Unlike the lower 48, we've been having some unseasonal warm weather. Last week the thermometer dropped and it created some pretty interesting hoar frost. Above was at Lake Hood.
 The Anchorage Memorial Park was established in 1915. Today's frost made it look a little spooky.
And them Mr. Raven had me thinking of Edgar Allan Poe
This moose liked the Popsicle like branches.