Wednesday, October 28, 2015

A visit to the Hanson's House

Macy has been feeling lots better, so we've been doing some exploring close to the house. We've driven by this turn off on Fairview several times and we've seen cars parked next to the road. Wondering why, we stopped and found it to be a Alaska State Parks Recreation Site.
It's seems the Hanson's, Henry and Ester, moved here in 1939 with $6 in Henry's pocket.
 They started off with a surplus government Quonset hut and in time developed it into this two story home.
 Macy wanted to go in, but no one was home. The Hanson's have long passed away, Henry in 1987 and Ester in 1990. However, they donated the 30 acres to Alaska State Parks. Henry said "By doing this, we'll be remembered after we're gone".
 For the time, they had a beautiful green house. They're also bird houses every where's.
 The facilities were modern for the time.
 But at one time, this was the way to get water.
 Macy and I enjoyed the small pond that the house overlooks. A neighbor and her niece came along and we talked for a while. What a nice peaceful place. It overlooks the Chugach Mountains and the Matanuska River and the Palmer Hay Flats.
I didn't put any links, you won't find much. The state hasn't taken good care of the property, but Henry and Ester did a good job. It's still standing. Walking around you can imagine their life there, some of the hardships because of weather and such. But a beautiful property with a beautiful view.

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Beware of October

Two tears ago today, my son Uryan brought me home from the hospital to recover from an operation that not only saved my life, but also drastically changed it. It changed it in a good way. If not for this operation I wouldn't be here for one and for another it changed the way I look at life and the appreciation of people and things in it.
 Wildlife and specifically wild birds are something I really appreciate and respect. I've been fortunate to be involved with the rehabilitation of sick and injured wild birds and the education of the public about them for over 10 years with the Bird Treatment and Learning Center in Anchorage. I have a friend to thank for that, btw, she's my ex-wife.
 I'm fortunate to live in Alaska. Besides my regular job and my photography hobby, I'm also very fortunate that I get to travel all over Alaska doing what my friends call "My bird thing". I've meet some really awesome people, some of which are my closest friends and some are my feathered friends.
 Some are more than that.
 For the past few weeks, my closest 4 legged friend Macy has been having a hard battle. A battle that we're not sure what we are fighting. It started with an abscess on the right side of her face, than it was pancreatitis, then her immune system was failing and she wasn't eating. She lost 5 1/2 lbs. which is quite a lot for a dog that started at 27 lbs.
She's under good care from Far Country Animal Hospital and a handful of doctors and me at home. She's making a comeback, but still has a ways to go. What I've missed the most is her looking out the window when I drive up the driveway from work. She had been too weak to do that. Well, yesterday I was driving up the driveway and saw her in the window. That was the best feeling I've had in several weeks. She's also eating on her own now.
I've been keeping people updated on Facebook. It amazes me how much attention she has gotten. I've got emails and messages from people I don't even know. Thanks for everyone's prayers and well wishes for Macy.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Fun with Macy

Can you guess where we went today? Bird TLC had a release of a Northern Goshawk at Eagle River Nature Center today and Macy felt up to going.
 This is one of the many beautiful places in the Anchorage area. Besides the scenery, there's lots of wildlife and very nice people.
 As always in the wild, there are dangers. But Macy wasn't scared of no bear.
We had stuff to see. It was a cloudy, drizzly day about 48°f, but it was the right weather for a hike.
 This Spruce Grouse we came upon in the trail. Macy startled it and it headed for this tree. It's camouflage works well.
All in all a good day.