Sunday, October 2, 2016

Fall is all most over

It's that time of year where the awesome summer is over and winter is on the big push to make an entrance. The temperatures during the day are in the mid 50's and at night hovering around freezing. The motorhome is being winterized and I'm trying to get the last of the yard chores completed. The sun is coming up after 8AM now and going down about 7:30PM. The days are definitely shorter and cooler now.
 I'm not ready for winter, but go ahead and bring it on. But only make it a real winter and not the ones we've had the past couple of years. I'm ready for some real winter photography to include some mushing photography.
But the pups and I will also be ready for next spring when we thaw out the motorhome and hit Alaska's highways. A little test for you. How many US Routes are in Alaska? How many Interstate Highways? How many Alaska Routes?

There at no US Routes in Alaska, although at one point, the Alaskan portion of the Alaska Highway was proposed to be designated part of U.S. Highway 97, but this was never carried out. There are no connecting states to Alaska, so there can be no Interstate Highways. There are 12 Alaska Routes, 1 though 11 and 98. The Klondike Highway, built in 1978, was unnumbered until 1998, when it was given its designation during the centennial of the Klondike Gold Rush. However, many Alaskan highways of greater length than the Klondike Highway remain unnumbered. Most Alaskans don't know them by number anyhow, they know them by name.

In case you're curious for more, check out List of Alaska Routes.