Saturday, January 14, 2017

Visiting the Anchorage Memorial Cemetery

Anchorage Memorial Park was established in by Woodrow Wilson in 1915 and is now listed on National Registered Historic Places. It's nine acres in downtown Anchorage with some of Alaska's prominent citizens buried there.

Yesterday I visited because we were having lots of hoar frost and I had visited before for the same reason. I had suggested it to a friend who is getting into photography and she loved it. It's a very beautiful park and with the hoar frost it is even more beautiful. The temperature was around +9° and we had a gray sky because they were predicting snow, so I figured it was time to visit.
 There are public and private tracks from religious to veterans.
 The hoar frost clinging to the willow trees and everything else, help with a blanket of quietness. Even though we are downtown, you can hardly see the buildings surrounding it or hear any traffic.
It was very peacefully quiet. There was only one other visitor at that time. I kept my distance to not disturb his visit. 
  Generally I wouldn't photograph headstones, but with the frost clinging to them you can't see anyone's names
 This Russian Orthodox cross really shows off the frost.
This tree had to been recently visited by Bohemian Waxwings. The love the berries but don't pick up after themselves when they are done.
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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

A Little Frosty

We've been having some cold temperatures. It's been any where's from -9° to +12°f. Some of you might freak out over those numbers, but here it's something you get use to. The last couple of years our winters were really wimpy. Mother nature is making up for it this year. We've got a respectable amount of snow, but still below average.
 We've been getting a large amount of fog the last few days, especially in Anchorage. It's caused some really cool hoar frost. I know the moose like it. The tree branches are like popsicles.
 But it's been beautiful. Everything is incrusted in about an inch or so of frost.
 We've had some colorful sunrises and sunsets.
 The trails have been a little empty though. Well, some people might have been at work like they were supposed to be.
 No time to take a break though. Doesn't matter how inviting this bench is.
The fog is on its way out and so probably is the frost. I wish I had took the time to have got more photographs. Well, winter is far from over.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

New Year, New Deal

So my blog posting and photography was in a funk, to quote a friend. Busy at the job that pays the bills, getting ready for Santa, dark and dingy weather and just having some down time, blogging and photography took the hit.

So I joined a group that does photography while walking or hiking to different places of our interest. I know, I was already doing that by myself. But with other people, new to me people, I could possible get a different perspective.
 So first hike was at the Eagle River Nature Center. The last time I was here was over a year ago when it was just Macy and I. We've got some snow in the past week and it looks like Alaska is supposed to this time of year.
 Because of the fresh snow and winter vegetation, a lot of the photos look black and white, but they aren't. Really, they aren't.
 There we several that were new to photography and really into trying to get the best angle, artistic photos, etc. It was pretty cool.
 We all had enough knowledge to help each other out, or get each other in trouble. No, it was a really enjoyable hike.
 It was a crisp cold also. I think it was about 3°. I was dressed prepared, but a few of the others learned a lesson on how to dress for cold weather hikes.
 I was surprised on how pretty the day was and the small amount of people we ran into. Eagle River Nature Center is a beautiful place. The ERNC crew takes good care of the place and people love to go there.
My favorite photo was after I left the group and headed home. I took a detour off the main road because I saw some ice fog. I didn't find what I expected, but when I was turning around to go home, this caught my eye. The bridge has some ice fog around it and the sun is full out on the mountains.

I look forward to meeting with this group again. Nice people, good conversation and fun photography. Good way to start the year.

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