Sunday, June 28, 2015

I'm a little side tracked this summer

I'm usually doing more traveling this time of year. Doing some photography and some birding. The new place has me side tracker pretty good. I'm enjoying it though.
 Borrowed a friends Bobcat. I'm able to move lots of the large rocks that seem to be every where's. I have a load of driveway gravel and fill dirt coming later this week. 
 As you can see the yards a little rough. After having the septic upgraded, there was just dirt and rock.
We're getting it a little more spruced up,
 both inside and out.
 But Macy has been handling it pretty well. I think she's pacing herself.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

We celebrate Flag Day around here

I remembered when I was in the Air Force stationed at Elmendorf AFB, there was a guy they called Sgt 35-10. 35-10 was the regulation that told you how to dress, wear or not wear your hair, and things like that. He would post a story or such in the base paper about things he'd see or what was good. I was in the Shopette (like a 7-11) in the checkout line with my then wife and Sgt 35-10 was right behind me. I never thought much of it. I had read his stories, some pretty funny. He said to me "Sargent Dorsey, you look pretty sharp. Your uniform is right on. You are a fine example of a NCO." I didn't know what to say, but I did say thank you.
 I was always proud to wear my uniform, even when it wasn't cool. I'd wear it to travel home on leave, or to a temporary station, I didn't care, I was proud of what I did and who I did it for.
 I probably got that from my dad. We called him Big George. He was a part of the Greatest Generation. After WWII he became a fireman. He was required to wear his dress uniform going to and from work. He looked good in it. One of my favorite memories is him in his fire department uniform just getting home from work. Back then he wore a flat top hair cut and he was missing his front tooth. He walked around the corner of the house, there was this huge smile and I ran and hugged him welcoming him home. Btw, I miss you Big George! I can't read this paragraph without getting a tear in my eye.
He'd always hang the flag out on the front porch for holidays and if he wasn't home because of work, he'd have me do it.
Well guess what Big George, I'm still doing it. Maybe a little more often than just holidays.
 I got the yard mess all piled up and today was a good day for a bon fire. It got to 79°. The tires and stuff is loaded in the truck. I'll make a dump run tomorrow. But the old pallets and rotted logs and such made a pretty fire and a hot one too.
 I'm still pretty proud, proud of that flag. What it stands for, who stood or stands with it. I'm long retired and no longer wear a uniform, but you can count on me and Ol' Glory. Our country is going through some trying times, but there is still no other place I'd want to live. I won't get up on a political soap box or anything. Btw, If you show any sign of disrespect towards Ol' Glory, I won't promise I'll value your opinion.
I hope you had a Happy Flag Day!

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Where the hell you been Dave????

Well, I doubt anyone has really been asking that. But anyways, I bought a house. I had lived in the previous one for 27 years. It was getting crowded in downtown Anchorage, so I bought a place in Wasilla. So, that's also the reason for the blog name change. Seeing that I shoot all over, it should be Around Alaska.
 My oldest son Nick and his family were the first to visit. He helped move and has already helped make it feel like a home.
The yard is big and it's a big mess, so Macy and I had to get some help.
I use to joke when I lived in the south, "I was cutting the grass one day and found a car". Well, I found a couple of tires today. The yard is rough, but it will shine soon. 
We have lots of prickly roses on the property. I like them. They're pretty and can handle the harsh winters to come back another year.
 Macy has taken the move pretty serious. I think she likes it. She has a huge house to herself during the day, a large yard to play in and all kinds of new smells around.
She's been good at picking out stuff for the new place.
Ghost got to check out the new place this weekend. I have to build him a new mew, so he's been staying at Bird TLC in the mean time. Construction starts soon.
Bad photo of a good person that's been in my life for a couple years now. Say "Hi" to Rebecca. We met at a fundraiser for Bird TLC held by friends of mine in Fairbanks a few years ago. We'd date when I would make it back on business or for Bird TLC. She came down to visit for the weekend and ended up helping me move. Well, we made it official and changed our status on Facebook. We're in a relationship.
I now drive 45 minutes to work, so I'm looking for a commuter car to help on the gas. I'll keep my truck but commute with the car.
OK, so my desk is back together, my stuff for processing photos is all together, my laptop is working just fine and my camera gear is dusted off. You should be seeing more of us now.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Return to Ft Smallwood, Maryland

I know, I missed March and April. Things have been nuts Around Anchorage. I'm in process of buying a house. The first one fell through. We won't go into why, but I would of thought a brand new house would pass a buyers inspection. Anyways, we're on to the third attempt. Work also has been nuts. Business is good, new products coming on board, and new responsibilities. 
The latest is that my Mom passed away. She lived a good full life of 92 years. On the bright side, she's with my Dad now. So, it took me on a trip back to Maryland. After the funeral and such, I found a little get away time and went to Ft Smallwood State Park. I like doing photography here and just walking around.
There's a reason it gets good reviews on Google. The staff and volunteers do good work of keeping the place up. $6 entry unless your a veteran and it's free. Ain't that cool.

I went at sunup right at opening and there were already people there fishing. It was still quiet and all you could hear was the crashing of the waves and some Canada geese. There were Great Blue Heron and some Turkey Vultures, but couldn't get close enough for a clear shot.
So I had to settle for the peaceful sunrise. I almost got hypnotized by the waves.
This is a pretty tree with a lovely background. The orange fence is to keep you away from the wall that's eroding away.
This Guy (I guess it was a guy) didn't move the whole time I was there. He was dressed like he was from, well where I'm from. I was walking around in jeans and a T shirt.
There were several people getting their gear and kayaks ready to go fishing. This guy was first out. He was set up pretty good.
But this kid had a radio playing some good jazz, so I liked his setup better.
The only bird that would let me get close enough for a photo. Since I traveled 3300 + miles and it wasn't a vacation, the biggest lens was my EF70-200 f/4. But it was a good day and a brief get away. I'll be back another day, but hopefully on a better note.
To see my album, click here.

Saturday, February 28, 2015

UT OH, Big move comming

For those of you that know me, you know that I've lived in the same place forever. Well, not quite forever, but 27 years. I've seen lots of changes, some good, some not so good. The street got paved, new houses and condo's built, kids grown and moved away. We'll skip listing any not so good things. All these years I've just been a tenant, renting all this time. A few things changed around the first of the year and it got me thinking of a change of my own.
Well, here it is. I put in a offer Thursday, they countered Friday and I accepted. This coming Thursday is home inspection day. I don't expect any issues because it's new. It could take a bit to close going through VA, maybe up to 45 days. Today I gave my landlady 60 days notice. Oh, did I tell you it's not in Anchorage? It's in Wasilla, just a rocks throw from Knik.
I'm excited and so is Macy. I'm a little nervous, but oh well. I'm already packing and making moving plans. It's a big move for me. I haven't been much on change since leaving the military. This is change. 

Sunday, February 1, 2015

A Litte More Frozen Than Expected

Last summer I went to Barbara Falls and it looked like this.
 Today it looked like this. I hiked out there with Erin and Macy to do some photography. I was hoping for more open water, but I guess with the single digits, that wasn't to be.
 Even though Erin was bundled up for the weather, it was pretty nippy.
It was pretty cool to see that someone had put Christmas tree bulbs in some of the pine trees along the trail there.
 And wreaths and other decorations on the bridge. The wreath next to Macy is a little hard to see because of the snow.
It was a good day. Too bad we didn't get the shots that we wanted, but there's always another time.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

No lack of winter now

 I've been complaining about the lack of snow and cold temperatures since Christmas. Last week I went out of state on business and came back home to winter. When Macy and I went down to the Port of Anchorage to take these it was 0°f.
Later in the night I took Macy out before it was bedtime and it was -9°f. Macy had to wear her booties and coat. The snow we got wasn't much, maybe 5 or 6 inches. We can use more for sure.
These two photos do make you feel cold though.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Heavy Frost and a Moose

 Unlike the lower 48, we've been having some unseasonal warm weather. Last week the thermometer dropped and it created some pretty interesting hoar frost. Above was at Lake Hood.
 The Anchorage Memorial Park was established in 1915. Today's frost made it look a little spooky.
And them Mr. Raven had me thinking of Edgar Allan Poe
This moose liked the Popsicle like branches.

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Three of my grandkids, an eagle and me!

At the last minute (almost), Bird TLC said to release BE 14-60, aka Big Girl, right away. So, I got Lisa Pajot to help me catch her and then Lisa banded her. I left with Big Girl and went and picked up three of my grandkids. We're headed to Portage for a release.
 Destinee gets to open the kennel door while Austin and Tripp help hold the kennel.
 Big Girl came out like a bullet and was on a mission.
As we say, nothing but tail feathers. It was great to share the afternoon with my grandkids and also to share this awesome moment with them. I doubt Big Girl will remember us, she didn't even look back. But I know we'll remember her and her release.

Friday, December 26, 2014

Visiting Adonis

OK, Christmas break is over. Yes, I tool a long one. I had a lot going on as far as work, shopping and the such. It's behind us now. I hope everyone had an awesome Christmas or whatever your holiday is..
Christmas Eve I drove to Portage to the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center to buy a couple of yearly passes. One for a gift to me and one for my grandkids. This is a great place to visit and also to support.
It was pretty quiet there. I guess because it was Christmas Eve and also it was snowing pretty heavy. I always make it a point to stop and visit Adonis. He's a really good ambassador for eagles and an example on how some people aren't good people. Adonis was gun shot in 1995 and had to have a full wing amputation. He's fully recovered and now lives the semi-retired life at AWCC.
 The moose weren't too excited about anything. I think they were a little mad because the reindeer were getting all of the attention because of that Santa thing.
 Musk Ox are a cool looking animal. They always walk so slow but when they run, don't get in the way.
Again, I hope your Christmas was a good one.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Return to Fountainhead Antique Auto Museum in Fairbanks, AK

I went to Fairbanks a few weeks ago on business, and was there when the Fountainhead Antique Auto Museum was open on Sunday. If I lived in Fairbanks, they would have to kick me out of this place.
I got to ride in this 1918 Biddle back in July 2013. It's parked for the winter now, but that sure was fun.
1933 Hupmobile. What a gorgeous machine.
1914 Grant Model M Roadster. Plain and really cool. No instruments.
This is a neat new addition. It's a 1911 Kelsey Model M Motorette. It's a three wheeler.
 This would be a blast putting around town in.
This 1917 Cleveland was $175 new. I wonder if it's gone up in value?
For photos of my last visit to the museum, click here.