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Spooky Lake

Well it's Eklutna Lake, but it was spooky looking the other morning. The fog was real heavy over the lake. We actually waited a while for it to burn off some so we could get some photos. I expected the fall colors to be in full bloom, but I think we were about a week early if not more. I'm old school, so I would picture Vincent Price or the Creature from the Black Lagoon coming across those flats. It was burning off pretty good and soon you could see the lake and the mountains in the background.  Cooper was keeping an eye out for stuff. He can be such a good dog and then sometimes........  Hank had hurt his shoulder the other day. I'm not sure how. I expect it was chasing and barking at whatever was going past our yard. We thought it was better but he started limping on our hike so we had to cut it short.  This is Macy and Hank posing for me. You can tell they were real excited. We stopped at Rochelle's. I thought they closed after Labor Day weekend but they were stil…

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