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Chillin' with beagles

It had been a busy weekend. My oldest grandson had a hockey tournament in Anchorage for Presidents Day. They did well and placed first in their division. He's a heck of a goalie. We got some fresh snow to brighten things up. It's been more like winter is supposed to be but we're not getting our normal snow fall. Whatever normal is anymore.  So when it's time to chill, I usually hang with my pups. They are always a good source for laughter or a scratch behind the ear. That's their ear, not mine.  They're always up for a nap. They pretty much take over my couch. If I napped as much as they did, I'd get nothing done. Of course, they're only job is being a beagle and they do that well.  They are always on guard for what ever it might need to be. Anything from a stranger walking down the street or me making a sandwich for lunch. I think I'll do stories on each one here in the near future. I'm lucky to have such good pups. They're well known on …

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