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There are few things more exciting to me than accidental sightings of wildlife. Moose are very common here year round, but they still amaze me whenever I see them. I recently visited Fairbanks a couple of weekends ago. While at the breakfast table of the friends I was staying with, one of them announces "moose". The announcement was twofold. One was to announce it's presence to keep the dogs inside and the second was for us to observe it in wonder. Always love a good moose photo opportunity. Anne and Don had two of the largest and most gorgeous Irish Setters I've every seen. Sorry, I don't recall the dogs names. They were well mannered and loved their beds to lay on. The weather presently is in transformation from winter to spring. We are having some nice weather. but could use some rain to wash away the winter dust and also to help prevent forest fires. The snow and ice is melting off at an accelerated pace and the animals and birds are coming alive. Unfortuna…

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