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2017 I'm kinda sad you're over

2017 will go down in the books as one of my favorites. I quit my job back in April and it slowly became the longest I ever was unemployed since I was a kid. The previous record was two weeks. This record setting time was of my own choosing though. The job I had was no longer fun and the changes they had in mind weren't going to make it any more fun. So it was time to move on. This new found freedom gave me the opportunity to do more traveling throughout Alaska. I generally do travel throughout the state during the year, but now I had no time limits. My first big trip was to Utqiagvik, formerly known as Barrow. WoW, what a place. I want to go back. I flew there, (no roads connecting to other large villages or towns) as a volunteer with Bird TLC with Ghost. We had a blast. The pups and I took our first RV trip of the summer across the Denali Highway. This is one of my favorite places. However, we might of went too early in the season. The first morning we awoke to snow on the groun…

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