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The state of the beagle

It’s never boring here at The Beagle Ranch. In the last post I talked about adopting Lucy and Spot. That’s in progress. Since then my friend Tom passed away. His ex-wife contacted me about his beagle Aria. She is now a resident here and fitting in well. She's an older girl of 13. We all took a trip to our favorite coffee stand, Polar Bear Espresso. They loved it and Christina and Cynthia got to meet the new additions. They all love going for a ride and going to places they can explore. Aria is doing good off leash. I'm not trusting Lucy and Spot just yet. Below is Aria. She’s fitting in well. I think she loves the big yard, something she didn’t have before. She helps the others ward off potential bad guys. She does have the beagle bark. Below they’re all waiting for their share of blueberry pancakes. We have pancakes about once a week. They sit patiently while I eat mine and then they get theirs. The weather has been good so they’ve had plenty of play time outside. We have ou…

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