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Stop Suicide Now!

I’ve had 2 friends during my life take their own life. With the recent suicide of the Horizon employee, it irks me that people on multimedia are glorifying or joking about it. Calling him Sky King or glorifying that he did barrel rolls and went out in a blaze of glory is so wrong. It only encourages others to either do the same or try to top his final act. My first friend had a long issue of talking of suicide. Most of the time he was fueled by alcohol and the fact that he never really left Viet Nam. The day finally came when he was serious and no one took him as so. He committed his horrifying act in front of his wife and kids. His life, his struggle with his inner demons was over but they had to live on with that forever in their minds. The second friend was having marriage issues. He never thought that he’d come home one day and his wife and kids would be gone. He thought they were working on it and that it was on the mend. The letter she left him basically said she had enough and wa…

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