On the backside of the dam

The tourist season is in full bloom. That's fine with me, it's great for our economy. We sure need it. I also get to meet some interesting people. This year there seems to be a lot more people from outside of the US of A. With the devaluation of the dollar, it's become more affordable for non-Americans to visit our great state.

Sometimes places get a little crowded though. Crowds don't always bother me. Only when I don't want to be in one. Today things started off slow, so I figured now was a good time to get some pix's. I was working the downtown area, so Ship Creek is the place to go. I wasn't the only one that had that idea. So, while everyone was on the west side of the dam looking at the fish evading the fishermen, I went to the other side where things were more boring.

The day started off cloudy, so it was perfect for the reflections that I like. I still find them quite challenging, but maybe that's why it's fun to me. As far as wildlife, there was just a mew gull and a mallard, but the colors were exploding. There not much of a walkway on that side, just about 2 feet of roadside. It was OK until the big trucks rolled by. But if it didn't scare th birds off, it didn't scare me off either.

After a bit it was time to get back to work. It's a short week this week.


Trixie said…
Ooooh...the colors are just gorgeous today. It finally looks like summer!
Meggie said…
Nice shots of the birds, Dave!