After curfew

Ruth and I had breakfast at Peggy's like we do almost every Sunday. Afterwards we decided to go down to Ship Creek to see how it looks with the fresh snow. There wasn't much to grab our eye because the snow wasn't covering enough yet. It was still around +32°F, so the ground was too warm.

We went by our beaver pond and found a young one out playing alone. We both suggested about the same time that it had sneaked out while Ma & Pa were sleeping.


Gouldiae said…
G'day Dave,
I think if I was Ma or Pa beaver I'd be still asleep too - gawd it looks cooold. We've just had mid to high 20 celsius with warm northerly winds, (from the inland), and it's only early spring. There's been a couple of small bushfires already.
robin andrea said…
It does look cold there already, dave. I love your new header. Wow. You are really taking some fine photos. Cute little critter there, too.
Meggie said…
I agree with Robin....cute little critter! I'm still trying to close my swimming pool and you guys in Anchorage have snow. I better finish up soon before we get snow also.
RuthieJ said…
Hi Dave,
Is that the beaver lodge over to the right in your second picture?
It's always fun to see those little critters.
Marvin said…
Ya just can't trust kids these days.

Really nice shot of the beaver.

I'm looking forward to enjoying another winter of your snow.