Back in the saddle again

I've been back in action for some time now, but have all of the excuses for not blogging. The only one that really justifies this is that we have had a wonderful summer and I have been enjoying it as much as possible. Thanks for every one's post and emails checking on me.

The day started with an eagle release with friends of Bird TLC. The weather was iffy, but held on for the most of the day. It's that time of year where rain is on the agenda most of the time. If you want more on the eagle release, check out the TLC blog. I'll have a post on it later this weekend.

After the eagle release and coffee at Terra Bella's, my friend Britt and I went photography hunting. We started at Green Lake. The lighting was right since it was somewhat cloudy. Summer is obviously coming to a close because the fireweed blooms have pretty much bloomed out. But as you know, I like reflection shots and there were plenty out there.

We covered Upper and Lower Six Mile Lake, and Triangle lake and points in between. It's hard picking just a few shots to post here on the blog. I really need to get a Smugmug account.

Any which ways, what an awesome day. Thanks Britt for joining me. If you would like to see some of her work, visit her website at


robin andrea said…
I saw a few photos of that eagle release on Facebook. What a grand moment that must have been. Excellent job. Beautiful photos here, dave. Nice to see shots of Alaska again. Glad all is well.
Gouldiae said…
G'day Dave,
What a spot you live in. Not hard to understand why you like those reflection shots. Keep 'em coming. Great eagle story.
Meggie said…
Glad to see you back, Dave. I've been checking up on you on Facebook also. I don't blame you at all for enjoying your summer.
Jack said…
Glad to see you back..We are eagerly waiting for most posts like
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Anonymous said…
Wasn't the summer just wonderful!

Old Duffer