1st Kenai trip of the year

I went down to the Kenai River Festival this past weekend. The weather was awesome but it was a little windy most of the time. Away from the festival, we were shown some of the hot birding spots by our host Ken and Connie. These folks know the Kenai Peninsula when it comes to hot spots.

This very active eagles nest was great to see since I deal with so many eagles back at the clinic. I wish I could have got a better shot that included the chick, but the wind prevented that.

On the way back we stopped at Tern Lake to stretch.. I'll have to make it back down to the Kenai Peninsula real soon. Hopefully the wind cooperates and the birds are still nesting.
We also found out there's a Kenai Birding Festival in May. The Keen Eye Birders Sponsor it along with many others. Check out their website here. I'll be there next year for sure.
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