My Friendly Neighborhood Credit Union

I’ve been using the same credit union since I moved here 26 years ago. At the time it was centrally located and catered mainly to the military or government employees. Since then it has grown to be one of the largest federal credit unions in the country and the service has only got better.

They seem to be on the frontline when it comes to offering new services. The first biggie was back in the early 80’s with direct deposit. From then on, my trips to the CU got fewer and fewer. I seldom write checks anymore, but they were one of the first to offer overdraft protection and free checking.

When they went to online banking, I knew I had complete control over my finances. I remember when you use to have to stand in line at the bank just to deposit your paycheck or make a car payment. Now, if I have to go inside the CU I feel out of place. It’s almost like a new experience. It amazes me on how small their lobbies have got and how few employees they need now.

I’ve applied for credit cards, car loans and personal loans without even leaving my house. If a real signature is required, they’ll send the paperwork in the mail. All you have to do is sign it and send it back. Their rates are on their website for all to see. You can compare them with other financial institutions without even leaving your chair.

OK, I admit that I’ve strayed a few times. Some of the big name banks like Wells Fargo or Bank of America can offer some things that seem to be awesome. But after being with them for a short time, I figure out their shortfalls. They usually have fewer locations and generally don’t offer free services like notary and such.

I’ve had a few short lived issues with my CU. They usually were cleared up with a phone call. They have been so few I can’t even think of an example right now.

At their locations in some of the local big stores, they are open longer, open on some holidays and most weekends. Of course you have their website where you can check everything out 24/7/365. I’ve gone online and printed 1099’s, old statements, and old checks that I have written. I’ve even transferred money into my kid’s accounts while online.

I’ll stick with my CU. They seem to have my best interest in mind and they’re very convenient to work with.


Clare said…
Nice to see this support for CUs Dave. I've long been a supporter/client of Credit Unions, and in fact still use my CU back in Saskatchewan to do our banking. I was even on the Board of one for a brief time.
Meggie said…
I feel the same way about my credit union. It's the best and the people working there could not be more helpful.
Dave said…
Looks like CU's are the way to go. :)