Wordless Wednesday 9/14/2011

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J Bar said…
So beautiful. Great work.
Beth F said…
The leaves have started to change for you. We're a few weeks off yet. Lovely reflections.
beautiful! One of my favorites are reflective photos. I enjoyed my visit to your blog :-)
That is beautiful!!...I don't think we will have any color this year...:(...sadly the drought has taken it's toll on all the trees.

I'm your newest follower and would love for you to follow me.
Have a wonderful day!!
robin andrea said…
That's really so serene and beautiful. Ah, autumn is arriving.
Anonymous said…
I just signed up to follow you and added you to my blog list. We were in Anchorage last summer and I fell in love with your town. And the university is the most awesome university I have ever visited. I took so many photos of the museum.Your blog is very creative, wish I had your talent.
caite said…
that reflection is fantastic!