Well Macy and I have made it through a week with only minor inconveniences. We've had a little time to adjust to one another, our habits or ones we (me) don't want to have. She's been going to work with me in the mornings, but I bring her home at lunch. I don't thinks she's use to an eight hour a day job.

On the good side, I'm taking more walks, which is something I've always needed to do. Macy doesn't seem to mind because most of the time it's at a new park. I guess before long they'll start to be a few repeats though. 
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robin andrea said…
I just read the post where you announced her arrival! Congratulations. She looks like quite a sweet doggie companion. I hope you have many wonderful dogiversaries with her. She's lucky to have landed in such a good home.
Baruch said…
Haha - eaten alive!