The last post of the year and my first

While Dave is away, Macy will play.

It's tough being the dog of the house. You have to be cute, play nice, be ready to go out when they take you (it's +9° right now), don't make a mess, ahh you know the rest. And the pay, sheesh!

They complain about shedding. Drooling, OK. Drinking out of the toilet, OK. But shedding. What the heck can I do about that? At least I got hair to shed.

Let's go to Petco. They have that biscuit buffet. No. We go to the Middle Way Cafe and I have to wait in the truck. How about Pet Zoo? They have more Yummy Chummies than I've ever seen. NO. We go to Subway and you know where I sit.

Next year is the year of the dog. Bring you your slippers? Sure! How many pieces?


robin andrea said…
Hi Macy! Happy New Year to you and Dave.
Rhonda said…
I heard about that "dog drinks out of the toilet" thing. Sort of funny yet gross.