Visiting moose

We've got so much snow this year, that the moose have moved further into town. It's easier to get arround in the plowed streets and parking lots. It's also easier to get to the bushes in everyones yard.

They don't always move fast enough or even at all. Taking Macy out for a walk sometimes is a challange too. She thinks she can take that moose.
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robin andrea said…
Always love seeing your moose pics. Any signs there that spring is on its way? We've hardly had a winter, and now we're worried it might show up in March and wreck our very hopeful garden plans!
Saun said…
Oh wow, that is just crazy I would be snapping away. Great shots
I was snapping away. Lol! No sign of spring Robin. 118 inches of snow and we got a good snow fall coming down right now.