Meet me at Peggy's for breakfast

It's a gorgeous morning out, you have no special plans, except for doing laundry, and you get a text that says "Meet me at Peggy's for breakfast and then lets go find some photos that need to be taken".

Now Peggy's is a local restaurant that either you like it or you hate it. I love it! No special scenery, no fancy menu or tables and no special theme. I've been going there for twenty years and the waitresses give me a hard time, so I keep going back.

With breakfast behind us, it was time to head into no where's special. Guess what we found. Alaska is in full bloom everywhere you turn.

Even Macy enjoyed running through the daisy's.

No, this isn't an early snow fall, it's more daisy's and if you look closer, lupin is hiding in there also.

They called it Mellow Yellow. Ops, sorry! Flashback I guess. Actually it's .......... hhmmmmm. Not sure. Still checking that out.

Breakfast was great and it turned out to be  an awesome blooming day!
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bettyl said…
Wow! Such lovely summer photos. I bet the breakfast was yummy, too. I'm so jealous being in mid-winter here in NZ!
Kalantikan said…
Wow that's a lot of wildflowers, carpeting the whole area, so beautiful. They don't seem to look cold there!
Beth F said…
Lovely. lovely. And Macy in the daisies is an awesome shot.
HoodPhoto said…
WOW! I always keep my eyes peeled for big fields of flowers like this, but never luck out. Great finds!

Hope you can stop by, say "Hello" and "Like" Hood Photography on Facebook! Thanks!
Betty - Winter will be here soon enough. Keep it as long as you like. :)

Kalantikan - It was 63° that day. Hot for us.

Beth - Macy was having sensory overload, but having fun.

HoodPhoto - We only have them for a short time.
Happiness rings through this post. What a pleasure to read and what a feast for the eyes. Macy is adorable! I have heard a lot about Alaska's beauty, but you caught me by surprise with these fields of colourful flowers. As for Peggy's - there's nothing quite like a familiar place that you love to visit and a bonus if the waitresses give you a hard time!
SweetPepperRose said…
Lovely flowers up there!

Down here in "Georgia, it's green - very Green."
Doc Holliday

Nice photos!
D_Y said…
The field of Daisies and Lupine is amazing.