Sunday, July 29, 2012

Good beaver weather

The weather was great and Macy and I went for a walk. The beavers at the pond off of Ship Creek were all out. I counted three of them and none swimming near one another.
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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Meet me at Peggy's for breakfast

It's a gorgeous morning out, you have no special plans, except for doing laundry, and you get a text that says "Meet me at Peggy's for breakfast and then lets go find some photos that need to be taken".

Now Peggy's is a local restaurant that either you like it or you hate it. I love it! No special scenery, no fancy menu or tables and no special theme. I've been going there for twenty years and the waitresses give me a hard time, so I keep going back.

With breakfast behind us, it was time to head into no where's special. Guess what we found. Alaska is in full bloom everywhere you turn.

Even Macy enjoyed running through the daisy's.

No, this isn't an early snow fall, it's more daisy's and if you look closer, lupin is hiding in there also.

They called it Mellow Yellow. Ops, sorry! Flashback I guess. Actually it's .......... hhmmmmm. Not sure. Still checking that out.

Breakfast was great and it turned out to be  an awesome blooming day!
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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Fire Island power

There was all kinds of large activity around Ship Creek last night. It came by ship, train and truck. It was the large turbine towers and blades for the Fire Island Wind LLC, Alaska's first commercial-scale wind power generation project on nearby Fire Island.

CIRI, it's subsidery Fire Island Wind LLC has a power purchase agreement with Chugach Electric Association. (Funny, in the background of the above photo is an old Chugach power plant that was closed years ago).

The first power generated is scheduled for Spetember 2012. 11 of these massive turbines will help produce up to 17.6MW of power.

They'll provide power for 6,000 Alaska homes a year.

This is quite the project that's been a long time coming.
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