2013 Open World Championship Sled Dog Races.

It felt good to get out on Sunday to get some photography done and see some good sled dog sprint racing. I missed two days of racing due to other commitments and not feeling well.

The weather was perfect. In the mid 20's is not too cold and not too warm for sled dog racing. Count the tongues, you can see how happy the dogs are.

The people you meet on the trails are the best. They are excited about the races and everyone has a story.

I couldn't hear much of Greg Taylor's cell phone call, but it sounded important. Never saw a driver behind a dog team on a cell phone before.

Even though these guys were competing for a $70,000 purse, they were very friendly. They would wave or say "Hi" or "Thanks" when you rooted for them.

Next weekend is the Iditarod!

For more photos of Sunday's races, click here.
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RobinfromCA said…
Great shots! Can't wait to see next week's!
Rhonda said…
Thanks for sharing. This is so cool. I would love to see the dog sleds, but I really prefer to travel to summer.
If this post isn't the best reason to check into the our world links I don't know what is! Thanks for sharing your great pictures and words...we're in the same country but it seems like a different world!
caite said…
look at the expressions on the faces of the dogs. They love it!
These were sprint racing dogs. Long distance starts today with the Iditarod.