So you don't agree

It's been an awesome summer so far. The weather has been great. We've had some days in the mid 80's, which is hot for those of us in Anchorage. I've been doing some volunteer work at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center in Portage in exchange for free access and play time.

My friend Amanda and I went there yesterday afternoon and it proved not to be a boring day. I haven't seen her photos yet, but she has to have some awesome ones for sure. We had everything from arguing brown bears to

baby moose

baby musk ox

black bear

and so many ravens that Alfred Hitchcock would be proud.
What a good day!


robin andrea said…
Wow! You really do get to see some fantastic wildlife.
Lea said…
Great photos!
Have a wonderful week!
Lea's Menagerie
Gary said…
Great post!! 157 actsidle
Fun60 said…
What an exciting place to be able to volunteer there. You see and capture some great wildlife.
Oh -that is really amazing ! What a wonderful part of the world! Love the arguing bears!
Gale said…
Oh how fun. Awesome shots!

I have a linky about momemts that show off the flavor of where you live. Seeing baby moose and fighting bear surely counts as a "This is Alaska" moment, and we haven't had anyone posting from that far up north. I'd love it if you'ld add this post.
Marko said…
Great wildlife shots! I'd definitely be a little bit scared when taking those bear photos...
Beth F said…
Fantastic series. Wow!!
caite said…
Wow...great place! Love the baby buffalo.
Trail Guy said…
Great eye for composition my friend...really enjoy your photography. I’m curious, if you were to recommend the best spot in Alaska to see landscape and wildlife, what would it be?
Kara said…
Wow!! that's fantastic! What a great place to be able to live near.
Gouldiae said…
G'day Dave,
Haven't commented for awhile but this one got me. How far from the bears were you? Could you feel energy or the ground shake? Looking forward to your 'catching up' summer series.
Gouldiae - down south!
Trail Guy - Anchorage has a lot to offer for landscape and wildlife photography plus other scenic areas are a short drive away.

Gouldiae- long time no see er ah read buddy. I was about 200 feet away. They were loud and got everything's attention but the ground didn't shake.