Wanna go for a ride????

Every guys dream is to have a collection of antique or classic automobiles, or at least a couple. But most of us have a reality check and the closest we ever come to it is our daily driver. Well that's the nice thing about Fountainhead Antique Auto Museum in Fairbanks, Alaska.

There are over 55 remarkable antique automobiles and 100 vintage costumes on display and they aren't parked on top of one another.

Picture yourself in the roaring 1920's or as a movie star driving one of these babies around.

Lower the top on this 1933 Auburn Model 12-161A Custom Boattail Speeedster and feel your hair blowing in the breeze. That's if you still have hair. The V-12 could get you to where your going and fast.
(Photo by Nancy DeWitt)
I was fortunate to be visiting my friend Nancy DeWitt in Fairbanks who is the museum historian. She was giving me a private tour when the shop manager asked "do you want to go for a ride in a 1918 Biddle?" I replied " do I really need to answer?"
What a really neat place to visit. If you're in the Fairbanks area or plan to be, plan on visiting the museum out.
More photographs of their cars are here. Be patient with me. I only have some labeled, but will get more done time permitting.
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robin andrea said…
Wow! Now that's a very cool ride.
Cynthia said…
How lucky to get a ride! I have a more modest wish on my bucket list -- a ride in a Model T Ford!
Edna said…
That was quite a treat! You're a lucky guy!!!!
catsynth said…
These cars are true works of art!
Thanks for stopping by for our blog anniversary last week.
caite said…
that's when cars had character!
Shwets said…
wow! seems fun while i read pictures from the museum:)
soulbrush said…
I adore antique cars. Probably because I'm an antique myself. ha ha
Carol L McKenna said…
Fascinating ~ love all the vintage cars and a ride! Wow! ~ Happy Day ^_^
Lea said…
I love to visit car museums - great to see this one has plenty of space so you can a good view of each one. Fantastic to get a ride!
Have a wonderful day!
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Rebecca rose said…
very nice..
wanna having this ride

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