Happy New Year 2014

I wanted to do some dog mushing photography today, but it was cloudy and dark out. Looking south, there was sunshine. By the time Macy and I got loaded in the truck, that had changed too. So we headed south anyways to see what we would run into.
Just south of the weigh scales, there's always tons of ice hanging from the side of the rocks. Today a couple of ice climbers were trying out their stuff.
They always draw the attention of motorist driving by and Macy and I were no exception. I also figured with the cloudy day, there probably wasn't much of anything more exciting down the road a bit.
Between cars zooming by, you could hear some of their conversation. The guy in orange was more experienced than the lady in blue. However, she did very good.
She did way better then I would ever come close to. They also were fun to watch.
Macy said she likes to keep her climbing horizontal. The snow was a little deep for her so she kept it short.
I hope everyone had an awesome New Years. May 2014 be the best ever!


Bill Nicholls said…
Looks fun but hard work. Happy new year