So, I want to grow up and be a photographer

While I was in the hospital a few months ago, I decided I wanted to get more into my photography after I got back on my feet. One of the things I wanted to learn to shoot was sled dog racing. Then of course, Alaska has one of the worst winters ever for the lack of snow. Finally there was enough snow and the fine people at ASDRA maintained the trails enough to where they could finally race.
One thing I learned was, it's not as easy as it looks. The weather never cooperates, to include the sun. Every time so far there was either no sun (cloudy) or too much sun. My first two times out my photos ended up in the recycle bin and I was a little, OK, a lot frustrated.
With a few tips from friends who are fellow photographers and taking a class at my favorite photo store, Stewart's Photo, I'm headed in the right direction finally.
It doesn't hurt that the people of ASDRA, the organizers, the mushers and handlers are pretty cool people. The dogs are always excited and ready to run. Other photographers there are always ready to discuss what they got going on and stay out of each others way.
If you don't know the track rules, their website explains it all. If you got questions, most people are ready to answer them for you.
I'm excited to continue on this quest. Next weekend is the 2014 Fur Rondy and the Rondy World Championship Sled Dog Races and then the 2014 running of the Iditarod is the following weekend. For a photographer wanna be, it's challenging, busy, hair pulling and a lot of fun.
To see more Day 2 race photographs, click here.  
Day 3 race photographs, click here.


robin andrea said…
Very cool photos. I think what surprised me the most is that not all the dogs are huskies. I had no idea that other breeds would run like that.
These dogs are breed for short distance sprint racing. This weekends races were 10 miles per day. March 1st the Iditarod will start for 1049 miles. Long distance dogs will be used for it.
Lady Fi said…
What great photos - and you can see the dogs just love to race!
Stewart M said…
I have read a couple of books about these races - they sound like remarkable events.

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne
carol l mckenna said…
Neat shots of the sled dog races and glad you are working towards your dream ~ Wishing you much success and be well ~ Great post for OWT. ^_^
Great action shots. - Margy
Beth F said…
What a fun project. I like what you've captured here. We've had a ton of snow this year -- reminds me of the "old" days (70s & 80s).
Crafty Gardener said…
Those are some great photos of the dogs.

Yael from Home Garden Diggers