I've never seen Denali out so much

I went to Fairbanks last weekend and what a trip there. We stopped at the south viewing rest area and the top was about to come out from behind a few small clouds. Well, they seemed small from 40 miles away. I've lived here over 30 years and have never seen Denali so much in one summer.
 We also stopped at the Alaskan Veterans Memorial. One of my favorite places along the highway. There were still flowers from the 4th of July.
 That's my friend Susan next to the Alaska Territorial Guard memorial. If you look where the ATG member is pointing and where the binoculars are, they're pointing at Denali.
 It was good weather for the moose to be swimming. I didn't bring my swim suit.
 Sunshine was out the whole way.
It was a good trip. I'll have more photos soon. I'm so far behind processing, it's not funny. I blame it on the good weather. If it's sunny out, I don't want to be inside behind a computer.


Diane said…
Great pics, glad you are such great weather.
robin andrea said…
Love seeing your pics of Denali and moose! Enjoy your sunny weather!
Felicia said…
I love your photo's of Alaska Dave. Keep'em coming.
LindyLou Mac said…
Calling by from Our World Tuesday, Alaska looks beautiful.
Joe Todd said…
Great photos.. Have a great day
That's an amazingly clear view!

I love how ridiculous moose look when they're wet.
Beth F said…
With that kind of weather, I'd want to be outside too. Wow on Denali!
Bill Nicholls said…
Don't think I hav eever seen a real moose though my lads hav eaten it when they went to Canada
Barb said…
Dave, I agree - enjoy your beautiful outdoors. The pics can wait. We saw a moose amble across the back of our property while we were eating breakfast over the weekend. By the time I got the camera, it was too distant for a good photo.
Spend the time outside while you can in the sunny weather. Rain and snow and ice will be upon us soon. Then do the computer work on the photographs. Dave, lovely post of the mountain and the moose and, and, and.
JM, Illinois
Ashley Hubbard said…
I love Alaska and moose so much! Great photos :)