Nothing special going on

Nothing special going on a Saturday night. Took it easy today and then Macy and I decided to go for a drive
 The falls at the William Jack Hernandez Sport Fish Hatchery, aka Ship Creek Fish Hatchery is always a neat place to check out. The fish are still trying to make that big jump. 
Then we went to Kincaid Park. You're always going to see moose there unless you're going to show people moose there. We had to leave because Macy wouldn't stop growling at this guy and he seemed like he was thinking about charging.


Wow - great moose shot - wouldn't want to get too close. Can't believe I missed the Our World Tuesday posting - just closed when I went to enter.

Carolina Mountains
Felicia said…
love the water falls and the moose is great.
Yeah, a charge would have been bad news. Great pic, though. I once came across a moose on a Quebec x-country ski trail. He was straddled across the trail having a pee. I was super excited.. him, not so much :)
catsynth said…
Sounds like a lovely drive. Nice shots of the moose and waterfall.
Claire said…
Stunning photos!! He's a mighty moose, isn't he??
My first WW - hello :)
(no.51 on the list)
Gunilla Bäck said…
Beautiful shots! We had lots of moose where we lived when I was little. Now I seldom see them.
Cathy Kennedy said…
Fabulous shots! I would love to see a moose in the wild. The closes I'm gonna get is the Elk in the Smoky Mountains. Have a fototastic week and happy #WW!
I haven't seen too many moose or elk in the wild. Mighty nice post this week.
JM, Illinois
NC Sue said…
I never had a yen to go to Alaska, but recently several friends have gone and were sharing how breathtakingly beautiful it is. I may have to reconsider!!!
Please share your photo at and I hope you'll come back each week for Wordless Wednesday (on Tuesday)
Christian Weiß said…
Terrific photos and great to animals like a moose so close.
Beth F said…
Sounds like a nice day -- but, yeah, I wouldn't want to be charged by a moose.