US and China Arctic Sand Sculpture Exhibition, Fairbanks, AK Aug 19.2014

Yea, I know I'm posting a little late and it's been far in between post. What can I say, it's been an awesome summer. I can't stay inside when we're having beautiful weather. Now it's raining and fall is in full swing, I can post.
I went to Fairbanks last month for the Friends of Creamer's Field Sand Hill Crane Festival . Killing time between my explorations around Fairbanks, I went to the US and China Arctic Sand Sculptures Exhibition.
 Some of the talent there was extraordinary, but some was out of its class. The entry fee was $10 and for your bang for your buck, it was over priced. The biggest irritant was the background music. It was stuck. Do you remember dirty needles and a turn table? How they would get stuck and play the same few bars over and over and over. That was going on and like none of the organizers noticed, at least it seemed that way. Not that I'm a fan of twangy music from China, this tested my inner bad person reactions.
 Finally someone kicked the machine or unplugged it, I'm not sure. It was a cloudy day, so some of the exhibits were covered by temporary tents. You can tell the ones left for the elements to play with. But some had some talent and time put into them. Those are the ones here that I posted.
 There wasn't much of a crowd. I don't know if it was because of the clouds or distractions elsewhere.
 Being in an industrial area, it also was hard to see some of the beauty with the distractions in the background.
I hope it's an event that they improve on and returns. It could be so much more than what I saw.
For more of my photos of this event, click here.


Arija said…
How annoying to find it so disappointing although the sleeping Indian chief is exquisite.
No worries about the break in blogging. It should be a pleasure and creative outlet not a slog. It is the living that is the important thing.
Ileana said…
Very interesting work! I like it!
Ruth Kelly said…
They definitely are very talented. They never had a sculpture exhibit when I lived in Anchorage.
Babs R said…
Amazing sand sculptures. Great photos, too. Visiting from A Southern Daydreamer, Outdoor Wednesday.
Amazing talented people who did these sand sculptures. Enjoy outside activities while you can. Grab the gusto because soon it will be winter and cold and snowy that is the time to post.
JM, Illinois
Indrani said…
True! Amazing art work!
Heather said…
I'm glad you found a few impressive sculptures to make the day worthwhile. My WW
It was some years ago that I went to a sand sculpting event down here near Galveston. It amazed me. Sorry yours was a bit of a disappointment.

Here's my Wordless Wednesday!
Beth F said…
The sculptures are amazing. Too bad the location wasn't pretty and the music was horrible.
These are gorgeous! Too bad the event as a whole was a disappointment.
NC Sue said…
Lovely! Fantastic! Marvelous!

Thank you for sharing!

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The Furry Gnome said…
Awesome! Just amazing sand sculptures!
robin andrea said…
Those are quite beautiful sculptures.