A Litte More Frozen Than Expected

Last summer I went to Barbara Falls and it looked like this.
 Today it looked like this. I hiked out there with Erin and Macy to do some photography. I was hoping for more open water, but I guess with the single digits, that wasn't to be.
 Even though Erin was bundled up for the weather, it was pretty nippy.
It was pretty cool to see that someone had put Christmas tree bulbs in some of the pine trees along the trail there.
 And wreaths and other decorations on the bridge. The wreath next to Macy is a little hard to see because of the snow.
It was a good day. Too bad we didn't get the shots that we wanted, but there's always another time.


It's lovely to see the snow. We don't have any here. And that frozen waterfall is amazing!
robin andrea said…
Great pics of your very frozen Alaska!
Felicia said…
that's a big difference. must be terribly cold there.
Frozen falls are so beautiful. - Margy