How much snow did you get?

Last winter was a very disappointing winter. The total snowfall in Anchorage was like 21 inches, down about 100 below average. Well. we're working on putting that behind us this year. Last night we got about 8 inches on top of the 3 or 4 we had on the ground.
 Can you tell a proud American veteran from Alaska lives here?
 This is how your greeted when entering my driveway.
 Think I should have unloaded the truck last night?
 Macy says it's not all the fun that people are saying it is. That's probably because she had her belly shaved a few weeks ago to have a procedure done and the snow is belly high for her.
Cooper is loving the fresh snow though.
On a side note for those of you that watch reality shows. Alaskan Bush People is a complete hoax. Many of the so called actors have stolen over $20,000 from the people of Alaska. At this time, they are not even in the state. Most are in Seattle pushing a bullshit book about how they survive in Bush Alaska. I urge you not to watch this crap or buy the book and to contact The Discovery Channel and urge them to stop supporting this type of garbage.
If you don't believe me, read the Daily News Miner from Fairbanks.


Diane said…
Thanks for sharing. I hate snow, you can keep ALL of it. I love pictures of Alaska.
robin andrea said…
Love seeing the snow there. We're getting rain! It's all a very good start for winter.
NC Sue said…
If "reality shows" were truly "reality", I'd need to start using drugs.
Thanks for linking up at
Molly said…
None here yet.... but I hope we get some as I want to take the pictures that I have been thinking about