Where have you been?

Well, I went to Wrangell St Elias National Park. Do you know where that is? Well it's the largest National Park and is located in south central Alaska. It is over 13 million acres in size. That's right, 13 million acres. That's 6 times larger than Yellowstone NP. In addition, 9,078,675 acres of the park are designated as the largest single wilderness in the United States.
Hal (bald eagle), Ghost (snowy owl hiding in the motorhome) and I went to Wings over the Wrangells for the National Park Service. Of course we had to play on the trip back home, or I did anyways.
The majority of the time it was cloudy or raining. Fortunately not during the presentation but unfortunately on the trip home. But while I was at our campsite. (btw, thanks go out to Copper Center Princess Wilderness Lodge for donating our camp spot with water and electricity) I went for a hike around the lodge before getting ready for bed. Mt Drum was starting to light up. Dummy me didn't bring his camera, so I had to go back and get it.

Usually when I have to go retrieve my camera, I miss whatever I was wanting to shoot. Not this time. I was patient and the sun lit her up like a light bulb. It was just me and a couple with their young daughter enjoying this show being put on by mother nature. It was awesome.

Driving back on Sunday, I stopped for coffee and saw there was no waiting at the DMV in Glennallen. It sure is a small one.
One more photo on the trip back not far from the Eureka Roadhouse. It started pouring rain right afterwards so we headed straight home.
Though the trip was wet and a little rush, it's always great to see more of my home state.


Diane said…
As always, great pics! You have a great life, but I feel so sorry for your doggies when they read this and know they missed out.
NC Sue said…
very nice!
thanks for sharing at
anne said…
Stunning pictures. I hope I will get motivated again in taking pictures. I miss it.
robin andrea said…
Love seeing these photos of your beautiful state. Glad you went back for the camera to get that sunlit shot of the mountain.