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I don't do photography as a business, but from time to time people approach me or contact me about purchasing or using my photography. They see my photos on Facebook, Twitter, my blog or my SmugMug site and ask "How much"? I get the details of what they want, size, paper, canvas, metal, etc. and we go from there. All proceeds go into that deep photography debt crater.

I mainly do photography for a couple reasons. One is I like the challenge of getting what I consider a good photo. Get the focus, lighting and the subject how you want people to see what you see. The natural beauty, maybe excitement or the intensity of the moment. That moment you see what catches your eye and you think "I like this. This might make a good photo". Of course you never really know until you get back and upload them to your PC. I prefer very little editing if any at all. If I have to do a lot of editing, it usually gets deleted or at least never shown. Who knows, I might be the only one who likes it and that's OK with me.
The pups and I were on the Denali Highway last fall and we were in the Tangle Lakes Archeological District and found Rusty Lake. It was so quiet except for whatever sounds mother nature was making. The colors of the sky, the Alpine Tundra, the reflections in the lake and how you felt so small and being in such a beautiful place.
In Alaska, Xtratuf boots are a must certain times of the year. I was lucky enough to buy a pair when they were still made in the USA. I left them outside one fall night and the winds were seriously blowing. They got wrapped up in the fall colors with the background being the wall of my home. I just had to shoot it. My pups were looking at me like I had finally lost it.
I have a never ending respect for the veteran. Being one, I know what a person goes through for the love of their country and its people. The Fort Richardson National Cemetery is where I go to share that respect.
The Anchorage Memorial Park Cemetery is a gorgeous cemetery but when winter is at its finest, especially with the hoar frost, you can't keep me away.
This old Ford pickup truck is setting along side of the road not far from my house. It has attracted my attention since I first moved to the valley. From when the fireweed is in full bloom or it's covered with a fresh snow, I'm checking it out to see if there's another photograph waiting for me there.
One of my most recent trips I went to Utqiagvik formerly known as Barrow, Alaska. What a unique place. This old whaling boat caught my eye and for 3 days I kept going back to it waiting for the lighting to be just right.
One foggy morning I visited the Chacon. Once a gorgeous fishing boat and now a monument to a mans life.
Mt Drum in Wrangell Saint Elias National Park. I spent a quiet evening in the yard of the Copper River Princess Wilderness Lodge watching the setting sun working its way across the mountain range until it lite up Mt Drum like a neon light.
Kodiak Boat Harbor. Kodiak is one of the most beautiful places in Alaska and one of the largest commercial fishing ports.

My second reason you ask? Well, the memories. Looking at photos I've taken I remember the people I was with and friends I've made. Also the good times I've shared with my beagles. My drive to do photography has taken me places I might not have gone to without it.

So these are the most requested photos in the past year. I've have shot a bazillion and deleted a gazillion, but these are the ones that others saw what I saw.


Diane said…
I remember the "black" room in the basement, you have been into photography for a looong time. You really have an eye for it. Please keep it up!
Lovelygishi said…
Gorgeous photos and great stories. I especially like the monument boat.. Awesome!
You've had a lot of great opportunities to capture some lovely images!
Thank you both. I am a lucky man.
Dana Kolba said…
Such beautiful images. I've always wanted to visit Alaksa and these pictures make me want to go there even more.
Thank you Dana. You should make the trip. You'll never forgive yourself if you don't. But be careful, you might stay.
Mollie said…
You do beautiful work, Dave. My uncle was a commercial fisherman out of Homer--we never got up to visit but I always feel a connection to Alaska through him (now deceased). Out of curiosity, what took you to Alaska or are you a native. Thanks.
Sorry Molly for taking so long to answer your question. I came to Alaska in 1985 while in the Military. I retired in 1994 to stay in Alaska. I'm of Irish and German decent.
Mascha said…
Great collection of beautiful shots. What a gorgeos landscape!
Well said: "All proceeds go into that deep photography debt crater.". I know that.
Earlier I had a dark room for developing films and papers... now it is so easy. I rare edite my photos, but at time to time it seems a fun for me...and another fun for me are collages, on paper with glue, not digital.
Glad to see you again on Friday at "Weekend Green", my participiants are from all over the world.
My "main blog" is here:
Gretings from Germany