Memorial Weekend Trip

The pups and I decided that Memorial Weekend would be the best time for our first camping trip of the year. We figured the Denali Highway was familiar and it should still show signs of winter. We loaded up and headed out on Friday. 
 Our first stop was at this creek that I could not find a name for. It's on the side of the road just tempting me to photograph it.
 We made it to a camp spot we've used before. It was very overcast and a bit chilly.
 Since it was a little late, I decided not to set up camp that night. The dogs needed dinner and a walk. Oh, and so did I.
 I'm glad I didn't set up camp outside last night. This is what we woke up to. I guess it was about 2 inches worth.
 Winter wasn't over yet.
 Macy said she was ready for breakfast. I brought food that needed to be prepared this time. No quickie frozen meals. So, it was pancakes for breakfast.
 Not bad! Only burnt one and it set off the smoke detector. After we aired the RV out, Cooper said he'd eat the burnt one and he did. We decided to move on up the highway and see what we could find.
 Canyon Creek still had plenty of ice on its banks. A lot of the creeks and streams did. The water sure looked nice.
 The highway usually is kind of bumpy. It's unpaved for most of it and never graded enough. Now it's sloppy wet from snow. We continued having flurries the rest of the day.
 I didn't get the name of this roadhouse. It's before Maclaren Summit.
 Macy kept a close eye on me where ever I'd go.
Maclaren Summit, the highest point on the highway. There we people bicycling it.

The snow turned into rain and then the wind was really blowing. We headed to Paxson to see if it was any better there and it wasn't. We headed towards home and most camping grounds were full or just too crowded for us. So, we took it home.

We'll try the highway again later this summer. We have other places on our hit list for now.


Diane said…
We had a chilly and wet holiday, but no snow! Nice pics