Four years and getting luckier

Four years ago today my son Ryan gave me a ride home from the hospital. I had an operation to save my life which also changed my life. It was time to recover and then live my life to the fullest. This past April, I quit my job and took the summer off, well at least from a paying job.
 In the past year I've been to Wrangell St. Elias National Park. It's the largest National Park and one of the least visited. It is huge and has limited access. And like most of my home state, it's gorgeous. I went with Hal the bald eagle and Ghost the snowy owl of Bird TLC and we did some presentations for the National Park Service. We all had a blast!
 Ghost and I went to Utqiaġvik, formerly known as Barrow, Alaska. This would be an area Ghost would call home if he was still able to live in the wild. What a neat place and awesome people.
 And at Point Barrow, we were at the most northern part of the United States.
 Of course we made it to Fairbanks where I made some new friends, got to see some old friends and a moose.
 On our first camping trip of 2017 back in April. The pups and I might of headed across the Denali Hwy a little too soon. We woke up to a little snow.
 Ghost and I made it to the Yakutat Tern Festival. We saw the Mt St Elias Dancers, Tlingit dancers and they were awesome.
We camped in Sterling a couple times. Kenai Magic Lodge invited us down where we did a few presentations. Hey, if you want a good base camp for fishing in the Kenai area, check them out.
 Did lots of work around the house, inside and out. Still have projects going on.
We took our last camping trip in Hope, Alaska. A gorgeous place about 2 hours south of Anchorage. We got some serious hiking and photography in.
 We added another member to the family. Hank, second in line here came to us from Friends of Pets. That's were Joy, last in line, came from a little over a year ago. So, in line there's Macy, Hank, Cooper and Joy.
We've been to others places also. Too many to mention right now, but all were fun.So, it's not been boring for sure. I've been living life to the fullest with the help of my family, the beagles and the birds. 


robin andrea said…
Looks like you are living life to the fullest! Very impressive traveling and beautiful sights there. I love seeing your Alaska and your doggies!
Lady Fi said…
Glad to hear you are in good health. Lovely photos!
rupam sarma said…
Great pics. Thanks for sharing. Greetings
NC Sue said…
So glad you have recovered fully and are making the most of life.
Stay well, and thanks for joining us at
Photo Cache said…
Cheers! Hope you keep on living the life to the fullest.

Worth a Thousand Words
Fun60 said…
Good to hear you are making the most of your new found health. Sunning photos of Alaska.
Hazel Ceej said…
It's always wonderful to be making new friends. Lovely shots. Alaska is beautiful.
Thanks for the comments. Definitely living life to the fullest.

Felicia said…
So glad you are doing well and enjoying life.
Angie said…
This is such a great post - so glad you are enjoying life. The picture of Mt. Drum looks like a postcard - amazing shot! And I am obsessed with moose, so of course I like that one. And then your line-up of four-legged friends - just adorable the way they are looking up at the camera!!
Mascha said…
Looks like great adventure time and in Alaska the spirits are still living (here in Germany the most are dead).
Thanks for sharing at Weekend Green and have a nice new week
Thanks Angie! I visited your blog. Love the log home you're building!

Mascha - Spirit is alive, maybe a little frozen right now, but alive.