Joy, Miss Joy or Joy Girl does a great job of taking after her name. Joy came to us from Friends of Pets about 1 1/2 years ago. This is FOP mission statement "With compassion and integrity, we intervene to protect the abandoned, promote responsible pet ownership and to improve the quality of life for companion animals. Together we’re making a difference!"
 Joy is a senior beagle. We guess that she's 13. We celebrate on her adoption date. As a senior she came with her issues, but with help from FOP, time and patience we overcame them. She was found as a stray. They have no idea how long she was a stray but think it was a long time.
 Also as a senior, she likes to take her naps. She has some eyesight problems and is hard of hearing (sounds like senior Dave). So, sometimes the rest will be sounding off their beagle alarms and she'll sleep right through them.
Joy is the kind of pup that follows you everywhere. Into every room, to go check the mail or go work in the yard. She'll wake up from naps and not see me. She'll start looking for me and sometimes running right past until I yell her name. I yell so she'll hear me.
 Joy and Macy are the ladies of the house.
 Joy, like the others, loves to go for rides. We go to Polar Bear Espresso once a week, coffee for me and treats and lovin's for them. Tina at Polar Bear loves it when Joy barks for treats because Joy throws her head back and her front paws come up as she barks.
 Joy is a good walker. Most of the time she's just to my right. I do let the others off leash where it's safe. Joy I let off leash when we're close to the house due to her poor eyesight and hearing. They'll all go for a walk no matter what the weather. I've tried booties and a jacket on Joy, but she hates it. She wouldn't come to the door to go for a walk for the longest time afraid I was putting her stuff back on. She would go out the doggie door upstairs and meet us in the yard to go for a walk.
 All the pups get along great. They are not into playing a lot, but do love to chase squirrels and such. Joy observes the chasses sometimes barking her approval.
She loves to go camping also. She'll sit up front and watch out the window long after the others go to sleep.
Joy doesn't like to be picked up or held. It's just recently she allows me to trim her nails. It's an all day affair because she only lets me do a couple at a time.
Here we are updating our first trip log in the RV across the Denali Highway. We go across that highway every year now. It's a great place for camping and photography.
The gals sleep with me and yes they are bed hogs, even in the RV.
Joy has a home as long as she wants. She doesn't have to stray anymore. She is tagged and chipped to help out in case. She's been a great addition to our beagle family.


robin andrea said…
Joy is the perfect name for this sweet old girl. She is so lucky to have found her way into your home and heart. Such a kindness, Dave, truly.
NC Sue said…
She looks so sweet. Thanks for giving her a forever home and for sharing her with us at
Robin & NC Sue - she is a sweet gal and we're lucky to have her.
Fun60 said…
A delightful addition to your family.
carol l mckenna said…
Joy looks and sounds like a real sweetie ~ sweet photos of her and your other rescues!

Happy Day to you,
A ShutterBug Explores,
aka (A Creative Harbor)
Kay L. Davies said…
We have a rescue dog, too, but she is an only dog so she thinks she's the boss. My husband is her best friend, but she thinks I'm her puppy! Really. If I'm unhappy, she rushes to soothe me. Even if she's across the room and can't see me, her mother-instinct kicks in and she rushes to me. She had four puppies when she arrived at the SPCA, and they were adopted before she was, so I guess I'm her substitute puppy.
Give Joy a nice soft hug from us.
An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel
Jane said…
Great shots of your brood, thanks for sharing :)
Beth F said…
JOy sounds aptly named. She's so lucky to have a loving home, and you're lucky to have her in your lifel
Angie said…
Beagles are precious .... my favorite shot of Joy is her taking the nap - that's what I call the high life! So glad she could find such a great home!
Fun60 - that she is

Carol - thank you

Kay - are pets are funny. I gave all my pups a hug.

Jane - thank you

Beth - thank you

Angie - that they are. She is the picture of peaceful rest :)