Been doing lots of stuff

I went to Homer last month to do an education presentation for Bird TLC for the Kachemak Bay Shorebird Festival. This is the first time I've taken Ghost the snowy owl there in about 7 years. The festival has really grown and is lots of fun.
While there I had to take advantage of some photo ops. Below is everyone's favorite fishing boat from the Deadliest Catch TV show. She was in dry dock getting repairs.
 Couldn't see if there was a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Had no way to get over there.
 At one time this was someone's favorite boat. She was at the boat graveyard out on the spit. I don't know if I'd go out to sea on something that small.

 A view of the Homer Spit from Skyline Drive.
 Of course being a birding festival, I had to go check some birding spots out. I try to stay away from the crowds as much as possible.
 If you don't know what a bird species is, there's always someone there happy to share their knowledge with you.
 I was using a Sigma 150-600 Sports lens and it was still a little more reach away. Photos aren't that great, but the experience is. Always a little drama going on. Two males not playing well together
  I was enjoying watching this eagle. It was sitting in this tree right in the rest area parking lot. I was there just taking photos left and right. People pulling up in their cars, getting out and walking right under it and not even noticing it there. I was getting some good giggles. I'm not sure if it was or not.
 He took off after a while. There were lots of eagles just playing in the wind thermals off the bluff. I really enjoy watching that. I wish I could do that.
 This old Airstream has been a roadside mark for a long time.
 Bird TLC where I've volunteered at for about 15 years now id finally building its own place. Should be done late summer. This is exciting!
My son nick, his wife Stacy, grandkids Destinee (not pictured) Tripp and Chloe took me to the Alaska Veterans Memorial (one of my favorite placed to visit). We got to enjoy some liquid sunshine. Afterwards we went into Talketna and enjoyed the shops, had lunch and visited the Denali Brewery. Good beer, but very small tasting area.
It's been a good summer so far. We could have some more sunshine, but I don't let that slow me down.


robin andrea said…
Wonderful photos! I love seeing Alaska through your eyes, Dave. I'm going to have to learn how not to let the persistent foggy cloudy gray skies get me down. I'm working on it! You're a good inspiration.
Robin - this year we're having lots of persistent foggy cloudy skies. If we let them get us down, we'd be down all the time. Thanks for the kind words.
NC Sue said…
Great shots! The Airstream is wonderful - it looks like a happy toaster.
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