Anchorage is never boring

The day started off as most days this time of year, chilly and raining. By noon though the sun broke through the clouds. I started out at Goose Lake. On hot days it's full of those enjoying the lake swimming. The city provides lifeguards and there's a bike trail that goes around the lake. The University of Alaska, Anchorage (UAA) is not far away at all.

It's that time of year when the trees are changing colors. You have to watch them because in Alaska they change fast.

The sun came out and I was bored so I went down to the Port of Anchorage at Ship Creek. From here you can see all around Cook Inlet and on a clear day you can see Denali (Mt. McKinley). But not today, it was a little hazy.

There was a barge working a dredging operation for the expansion of the port. He was doing what looked like brodies in the inlet. He was making good time.

Then there was an Air Force C130 practicing take offs and landings. Round and round he went.

My last shot is of an old water tower on Government Hill. When the kids were little and we would go on Elmendorf AFB to go shopping, we would joke on who's turn it was to wait in the red and white thing until the rest of us was done. I wonder who's turn it is.


Trixie said…
And now it is rainy again! We got in a little outdoor time on the pass, but that was starting to get windy. Here comes the useless season. Sigh...
Dave said…
Trixie - We're going to go for a drive this weekend to check out the changing colors. Say maybe Turnagain Pass.
robin andrea said…
I like seeing Anchorage through your eyes, dave. It really is a very beautiful place. I would love to see Denali some time. Must be grand.
Dave said…
Robin - You need to visit Alaska. The way you tell about the wildlife around your home on your blog you would go nuts in Alaska. You need to visit.