It happened again

Sunday we were sitting at home and the sun came out after it being wet most of the weekend. I looked at Ruth and said lets go for a ride. She suggested Thunderbird Falls. We left so fast we didn't take any drinks or snacks.

When we got there everything was in full color change. You start the walk through the mossy forest of birch and cotton wood trees for about a mile; you're soon surrounded by ferns. At the end of the trail you reach the viewing platform, where you can watch the falls tumble down the rocky cliff face creating a mist at the bottom.

We strayed from the main trail on the way back. The fall color changes were just breath taking every step we took.

When we got back to the truck we decided we didn't want to go home yet. We decided to go to Eklunta Lake.

This 7 mile long lake was created by Eklutna Glacier. The water supplies a power plant and drinking water for the Municipality of Anchorage. Black Bear, Golden Eagles and Hawks are common. We heard eagles, but we didn't see any. However, we did see several Red-Necked Grebes.

We'll return next summer for camping and biking for sure. A beautiful, large and well maintained Alaska State Park. And when you leave the park, there's Rochelle's Ice Cream and Espresso. While waiting for our order we spotted Dall Sheep, but they were too far to shoot with the camera.

Ruth liked her ice cream sunday!

Thunderbird Fall and Eklutna Lake

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P.S. I'll be out of town for the weekend. See you all next week.


robin andrea said…
That's a beautiful park. Fall does look like it's in full color right now. You and Ruth look so cute, having a grand time on your hike. Sweet.
Trixie said…
I love Thunderbird Falls! I remember that was one of my first excursions as a girl scout.

Nice photos, Dave. Do you have any ice cream to share? It looks yummy.
Duncan said…
All that water looks nice Dave, to us here in the driest continent on earth.
Dave said…
Robin - Thanks. We have fun on our short trips.

Trixie - Rochelle's closed that night for the season and reopens on Mothers Day. Our gang may have to take a Mothers Day trip. :)

It might be the driest Duncan, but reading your blog I know she's a beauty. I hope someday to visit.
Meggie said…
aren't spontaneous roadtrips the best?! I am constantly reminded of alaska's beauty everytime i visit your blog. the photos are great...thanks!