The snow is here

We got some snow last night and today. It's about time. We were beginning to wonder if we would have enough for the winter festivals that will be coming up soon.

I've never been late to work because of snow. I've never called in because of snow either. But I knew I had some accounts that would be slow to get to work this morning, so I stopped off at the Loussac Library first thing.

Not the best pix's but it gives you an idea what 7 inches of snow looks like here. But tomorrow the cold comes back. The warmest it's suppose to get is +6°F tomorrow and dip down to -1°F tomorrow night.

Mayor Loussac looks a little cold right now.


Marvin said…
I imagine that a snowless winter festival in Anchorage would be about as much fun as deep sea fishing in Death Valley.
Meggie said…
Just another day in a winter wonderland.
Trixie said…
Yup...the cold is back -2F at 10A.
Dave said…
That's about right Marvin and it's also a financial disaster.

Meggie - it is a wonderland sometimes for sure.

Trixxie - and dropping. :)