This is not just a Tuesday post blog. Trust Me!

I know my posting has been light, but if you check out my other blog you'll know why. Things are getting under control there and I actually had Sunday off. Now I am back to my normal (?) schedule. Maybe I'll get some pix's done now.

Business was slow this morning so I got a mocha and a danish at City Market and was headed to West Chester Lagoon to just take it easy for a bit. ARR had it's empty freight train headed back to the yard. They aren't as busy doing the winter as they are come summer.

The Cozy Cafe is only open during the summer. It's operated by kids from the Covenant House. Covenant House helps runaway and homeless kids get back on their feet. They get my coffee and ice cream business. Everyone deserves a second chance.

Our last shot is at Lake Hood. I made it over there around lunch time. No special story, I just think it's a cool shot.


Trixie said…
Glad to hear things are calming down at BTLC. I have been enjoying your posts from there.
Meggie said…
So happy to hear that things are getting back to normal for you, Dave. Nothing better than a mocha and danish to start off the morning. By the way, are you a pilot?
Dave said…
Trixie - Thanks. I've been trying to keep fplks as up to date as possible.

Meggie - She's back. Not a pilot but a retired aircraft mechanic.
Meggie said…
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Marvin said…
Thanks for all the great work you and your fellow volunteers at Bird TLC are doing, Dave.

We received our heaviest snow of the winter on the 31st. -- maybe 3/4" in the deeper drifts.