Park remodel in progress

Cuddy Family Park has been under renovation (total rebuild) since last summer and is scheduled to be completed later on this coming summer. So far the pond is holding water. Sorry, had to say that. This park has been a nice break right in the center of town and with a lot of office buildings all around it, the lunch breaks for these workers should be a little more enjoyable. There's even a few more office buildings under consrtuction as we speak.

I often stop here in between visits to accounts to catch up on a few things and also to take a break. From here I can head in any direction and be at an account in 10 minutes if needed.

The biggest damage with the construction was to the housing for magpie's. There was a lot of trees before the renovation and I don't know if the plans are to add more later on. But with the cutting down of a lot of the old trees, it's forced the magpies to move to other neighborhoods. Magpies usually stay close to home, so this has to be an adjustment for them. Hopefully they move back after the construction. Corvids are always a blast to watch when you need a lift.

The gulls and geese are making due with the new pond. It really hasn't had a good chance to take hold yet, but they are out there enjoying it. In years past the geese have raised a few families here. Let's see how they like the new surroundings.


Trixie said…
I'm anxious to see what this looks like when done. It could be great!
Meggie said…
The park looks quite lovely but in need of some foliage. Perhaps the magpies will have some new trees real soon. Keep us posted, Dave.
robin andrea said…
Looks like it's going to be a very nice park for you to take your breaks. I do hope the magpies return. I miss seeing them here in on the peninsula. I'm hoping we'll see more of them when we get back to California.
Dave said…
Trixie - so am I. It looks great so far.

Meggie - I hope so. we'll see around the end of summer.

Robin - I'm a magpie fan also. :)