Be careful of what you ask for

Ruth and I went out to see what was going on around Anchorage on Thursday morning. We were finally getting some snow. We're still getting some snow. It actually looks like winter now. I'm happy!

Potter Marsh wasn't busy with people but there was wildlife going on. How many eagles do you see in the second picture?

It was nice to have a long holiday weekend. We both have been so busy with different things that we haven't been able to get out and get some pictures taken. She was on call on Thursday, but we stil got out for a bit.

I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving. We had dinner at a friends house. She made us take left overs home. How dare her. :)

Anyone for a picnic?


Karen Travels said…
It's so pretty outside!!
Duncan said…
It'd be a crime to clear all that beautiful snow off the table and seats Dave, it sure does look neat!
Gouldiae said…
Nice one Dave. Very attractive. 2 eagles?
Meggie said…
Glad to know that you and Ruth had a good Thanksgiving. I see two bald eagles in the photo....are there more? We have wet stuff here in PA but the temps are above freezing so it's only rain. The hunters are not happy, I'm sure. Rifle season begins on Monday. Ah shucks!
robin andrea said…
It sure is beautiful there. Nice wintry scene.
Dave said…
Karen - it sure is.

Duncan - we didn't disturbe it. We ate in the truck. :)

Gouldiae - 2 it is. They we're hard to spot and my camera was zooooomed all the way.

Meggie - right now it's +8°F.

Robin - Hi stranger.
RuthieJ said…
Hi Dave,
I saw 2 adult bald eagles too. They blend in with the trees so much better once there's snow, don't they?