Seward trip

I like going to Seward. It's one of my favorite places in Alaska. To me it's never boring. There's always something of interest going on. We went down to attend to some TLC business and then it was our time.

The nice thing about digital cameras is that you can collect all the junk you find and take it home and put it in your hard drive not your front yard. In Seward there is plenty of junk.

Seward is mostly a fishing town. We visited the dry docks to see what was put up for the winter. Along the beach near the dry docks there was some remnants of ships long ago.

We also got to visit with some Pelagic Cormorants that were enjoying the sunshine. Where we were at the wind wasn't so bad, but if you look at the white caps in the background you can tell it was on the other side of the harbor.

We always eat at Christo's when we are in town. I always prepare anyone who goes with us. I let them know that the service is slow, getting your food is slow, getting the check is slow and paying the check is slow. But' the food is the best in Seward. So when you go in there be patient and you'll enjoy a good meal.

One last shot of an old bulldozer on the way out of town. Wouldn't that look good in my front yard with a few plants around it?


Gouldiae said…
G'day Dave,
I can see that you're just an 'old junk yard dog' at heart. I agree with you about the 'dozer though!
Meggie said…
Hmmm, a dozer in your front yard? Not sure I agree with that one, Dave. Even with plants and flowers surrounding it.......nah!
RuthieJ said…
.....and an old bulldozer in the front yard would make an excellent jungle gym for the grandkids!
Dave said…
Gouldiae - You've got me figure out.

Meggie - even with some hanging plants?

Ruthie - that's true. I'm sure the neighbors would like it also. :)