and we got it

Over the weekend we got over a foot of snow. +10°F is the warmest it got today and they are talking about it getting down to -5°F tonight. We found winter and it's supposed to stay this way for a few days.

These pictures were taken about 2:30 today while I took a late lunch break. The daylight hours are getting shorter and shorter. But I must say we had a sunny day for the time we had sun.


Meggie said…
Yikes! A foot of snow and sub freezing temps...yup, I'd say you found winter alright! Doesn't sunshine make it all more bearable, though? BTW, doesn't everyone issue camo outfits to their deer?
RuthieJ said…
Definitely looks like winter now! We've only had sub-zero windchills so far. Stay warm Dave!
Gouldiae said…
Beautiful shots Dave. They nearly made me change from my shorts to long pants this morning. What's -5*F? About -20*C I think, wow!