You picked a fine time to leave me Lucille.

Today started off like most days have the past week or so. The temperature has risen up +19°f, but it had been in the single digits the past few days. We've had a lot of fog and it made some really nice frosting on anything not heated.

I got my white chocolate mocha and blueberry muffin at my favorite espresso stand and headed up to Remembrance Lane to watch the sun rise and make a few calls. The sunrise was a little boring compared to yesterday, but I didn't get any pictures of it yesterday to share.

From there I visited one account downtown and then took the long way to the next account. You don't get good photo's taking short cuts. The fog was still thick, even though the sun was trying to come out. They predicted a bright sunny day, but we weren't going see it just yet.

I stopped at the dam on Ship Creek. The tide was going out and you could hear the loud cracking of the ice as the tide lowered below it. It was all quiet except for a passing truck every now and again and the ice cracking. It was neat.

But it was time to move to the next account. I don't make any money taking pictures and I sure don't make any watching the world go by.

As I rounded the corner, a white pickup was pulling up to the road and it couldn't stop because of the slick ice on his driveway. Lucille couldn't stop in time either and we collided at a rather slow speed but fast enough to do major damage to both vehicles. Fortunately no one was hurt.

Oddly enough, Lucille was towed to the account I was headed to. I expect to be without her until after the first of the year. This is body shop season in Alaska and they stay busy until spring.

In the mean time I go around in a rented Excursion and I can't find anything on the dash. I drove around for at least an hour before I could figure out how to turn the rear wiper off. Hurry back Lucille. I'm miss you already.


Clare said…
Ow. That bites. Hurry back Lucille said…
Cassie, you, who is next? As Mom would say - why do you go out in that weather??
robin andrea said…
You make all that icy cold look quite beautiful. Sorry to hear about that accident, but glad there were no injuries. Take care.
Gouldiae said…
G'day Dave,
Those shots are beautiful, but gawd, it looks COLD.
I bet the 'panel beaters', (Aussie term), just love this time of year.
Glad you are OK.
Meggie said…
Oh Dave! I'm so sorry about Lucille. She looks as if she's in pain. Sure hope the body shop can surgically repair her. I know what you mean about unfamiliar dashboards. They make me crazy! Get well soon, Lucille!
Laprincipassa said…

I am looking for a nice place to watch the sunrise and I saw your blog. Where is remembrance lane at? I would be coming from Muldoon. You can email me at Thanks!