Tuesday, January 29, 2008

This is not just a Tuesday post blog. Trust Me!

I know my posting has been light, but if you check out my other blog you'll know why. Things are getting under control there and I actually had Sunday off. Now I am back to my normal (?) schedule. Maybe I'll get some pix's done now.

Business was slow this morning so I got a mocha and a danish at City Market and was headed to West Chester Lagoon to just take it easy for a bit. ARR had it's empty freight train headed back to the yard. They aren't as busy doing the winter as they are come summer.

The Cozy Cafe is only open during the summer. It's operated by kids from the Covenant House. Covenant House helps runaway and homeless kids get back on their feet. They get my coffee and ice cream business. Everyone deserves a second chance.

Our last shot is at Lake Hood. I made it over there around lunch time. No special story, I just think it's a cool shot.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Lots of moose day

I left the house yesterday morning and got to the end of the street and what did I see? I was running late but had to stop and shoot a few pix's. They couldn't care less what I was doing. Cars were buzzing by and they continued with their snooze.

I drove back by later and they had moved up the street but I could stop to take more shots.

Later in the day I ran across these two having lunch at Russian Jack Park. They also didn't care what I was doing. It was real quiet back there though. Just a few cross country skiers and me.

Then on the side of Boniface Parkway this big one was eating the smallest bush around.

Well, speaking of eating, it was bound to happen. You have a nice resturant with nice scenery and good food and service and it's bound to close. ARGH!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Cold War

This old tank guards the entance to Camp Carrol.

I'll probably get behind on my posting for a bit. If you check out the Bird TLC blog, you'll understand why. Once this situation is squared away, I'll be back and posting away.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

The snow is here

We got some snow last night and today. It's about time. We were beginning to wonder if we would have enough for the winter festivals that will be coming up soon.

I've never been late to work because of snow. I've never called in because of snow either. But I knew I had some accounts that would be slow to get to work this morning, so I stopped off at the Loussac Library first thing.

Not the best pix's but it gives you an idea what 7 inches of snow looks like here. But tomorrow the cold comes back. The warmest it's suppose to get is +6°F tomorrow and dip down to -1°F tomorrow night.

Mayor Loussac looks a little cold right now.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

If these pix's don't make you feel cold......

When I woke up this morning it was +3°F and a heavy fog. They were right when they said heavy, because it was falling like snow. We knew we wanted to go take pix's today, but didn't know where. We decided to keep it close to home.

After breakfast at our usual place, we decided we needed to go home and put on warmer clothes. Even though it had warmed up to +5°F, the wind chill was a killer. It felt like -5°. The temps are suppose to get a little better later in the week.

I was surprised to see so much open water at Ship Creek. I guess because it's moving so fast it's not totally freezing. Nice thing was I didn't see any ducks or geese. That means they finally migrated. I double dog dare you to put your tongue on that railing.

Even though the weather was cold, it made for some good pix's. The tide was out and all of the ice boulders and heavy frost was just attracting us to take more and more.

We headed on down towards the port. This whole area is owned by the Alaska Railroad. They are constantly improving the area to make it more tourist friendly. That's good for me because I'm a resident tourist. There was a strong cold wind coming off the inlet. Ruth didn't brve it for long, but I just had to get in a few more shots.

More ice boulders, more frozen machinery. I don't tink the Cosmic Wind is going anywhere's today.

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