This year has started off with quite a cold spell. Last night when I was out at Camp Carroll it was
-29°f. That's pretty cold.

But we have a few that don't mind it. These two moose weren't bothered by it as much as they were by me getting a picture or two. These were taken about 9:30 AM so it had to be breakfast.

I got some new long underwear and wool socks today, so I'm set for a bit. I hope everyone else is staying warm.


robin andrea said…
It was 29F here on the central coast of California. The weather systems have been moving south out of the Gulf of Alaska, and luckily it warms up a bit before it gets here. Sounds like you got those wools socks and long underwear just in time.
Meggie said…
Cool shots of my favorite moose! Wow! -29! Now that is downright frigid. Glad you have some new threads to keep you warm.