I'm a slug

Sorry I haven't posted in a bit. My excusses? Work, Bird TLC, weather, pc is acting up, home stuff and tired. Today I find time to post and Blogger is acting up. Go figure!

Good news. It's snowing as I post. The weather this year had been less than ideal. Deep freezes followed by unusually warm weather that melted snow and ice. Sled Dog races in Anchorage have been canceled due to a lack of a snow base. The Fur Rondy starts in a few weeks and we need snow to make it fun.

As soon as Blogger lets me, I'll put up some pictures. I hope all is well with everyone.


robin andrea said…
Alaska without snow? Somehow that just seems wrong, dave. How unusual is your winter?
Gouldiae said…
G'day Dave,
And here I was thinking, "I'll duck over to Dave's for some 'cool' images." We've just had two in a row over 40, and more forecast.
We have sled dog races here would you believe. In the summer, they put wheels under the sleds. About once a year we get enough snow up top for the real thing!