Around town

 The moose have been around feeding on some of the younger trees. The weather has been nice for them lately. It's acting like winter again with some snow and tollerable temps.

I was just putting down the road when I noticed the mud flaps on this old trailer. I worked at B&C back in the day. They no longer exist, bought out several times over by the big guys. Every once in a while you see something to remind you of them.
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Blogger is still playing games. In fixing this post I lost a comment by Trudie. Sorry!


Trudie said…
No problem!
I can come back and say that I really like the picture in your header.
Meggie said…
Cool moose, nice mud flaps. Were the memories good ones or bad?
WoodSong said…
not sure how the two images relate to each other here ;)
been awhile since I visited- been too busy poking ya at facebook!