Update on Mt Redoubt

Seismic unrest continues at Redoubt. Activity is still well above normal background levels. Nothing new to report -- seismic levels have again remained about the same over the last few hours.

AVO continues to observe potential activity with seismic, satellite and radar data. The volcano has not erupted.

An AVO observation flight this afternoon reported no sign of ash emission, but observed significant steaming from a new melt depression at the mouth of the summit crater near the vent area of the 1989-90 eruption.

The Aviation Color Code remains at ORANGE and the Volcano Alert Level remains at WATCH.

Here's a link to the Alaska Volcano Observatory.

While we're at it, I'm having issues with Blogger. I can't upload photo's even thugh they say the issue is over. I also can't insert links and other things. ARGH!!!!


robin andrea said…
Sorry to hear about your blogger problems. I hope they get resolved soon. Thanks for the Redoubt update.
Meggie said…
Hey Dave! Blogger has been making me a bit crazy lately also. My photo upload backwards...and the whole program moves like a snail. Keep us posted on Redoubt.
RuthieJ said…
Hi Dave,
There was a little clip on our Twin Cities sports last night..... it seems there's a Minnesota college hockey team heading up to Anchorage for a game and Mt. Redoubt is causing some anxiety. I'll be watching to see how things turn out this week.